September on the Kvarner Riviera

Date 4. September 2023.

In September, the tourist season on the Kvarner Riviera is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. On the contrary, more and more people are choosing to go to the seaside in September, extending the tourist season for another few weeks. Because of this, many programs and festivals that we wrote about last month extend into September: Summer at Gradina in Rijeka; Matulja Summer Evenings and interpretive bike rides in Matulji; Summer at Ljetna and Opatija Time Machine in Opatija; and Baška Summer and Summer in Omišalj and Njivice on Krk island.

However, in September, other events are also organized, which often have a very specific audience, unlike summer events, which are generally intended for a wider audience and as many people as possible. That’s why at September events, you can get to know the special “vibe” and aspects of the local cultural identity that are sometimes lost in the tourist crowds during the summer. Below, we present some of the special events you can visit on the Kvarner Riviera this September.

ALL THAT JAZZ (Bogovići, Malinska-Dubašnica, Krk, September 1 – 3) At the beginning of September, as part of the Dubart summer cultural program, Malinska hosts the three-day art festival “All that jazz.” As the name suggests, the festival is focused on jazz performers, but it doesn’t limit itself to music – the accompanying program always includes visual workshops, exhibitions, multimedia projections, and more. This is a real treat for lovers of contemporary arts and takes place in the courtyard of a 200-year-old House of Dubrovnik Heritage in Bogovići in Malinska.

LOSINAVA (Mali Lošinj, September 2 – 16) In September, Mali Lošinj hosts the maritime festival LOSINAVA – Lošinj’s sails around the world. This event aims to remind people of the long maritime tradition of Lošinj. The festival includes numerous regattas, but the performances of Lošinj boats are not the only thing this event offers – there are lectures, workshops, exhibitions, shows, concerts, and other cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities, all designed with one goal in mind: to preserve and celebrate the maritime heritage of Lošinj and the Kvarner region.

57th FISHERMEN’S WEEK (August 26 – September 2) and MONTH OF BLUE FISH (September 15 – October 15) (Crikvenica) Every place along the coast has its own fishing night, but Crikvenica takes its fishing celebration to a special level. In fact, for more than half a century, Crikvenica has been hosting the “Fishermen’s Week” at the end of August and the beginning of September. This event’s goal is to celebrate – and introduce to tourists – the town’s famous fishing history. As part of Fishermen’s Week, various activities are held on the coast and at sea. There will be regattas, exhibitions, special gastronomic offerings, concerts, and more. And if Fishermen’s Week is not enough for you, in September, the Month of Blue Fish begins, which thematically – and gastronomically! – seamlessly follows Fishermen’s Week.

UČKARSKI SAMANJ (Učka Nature Park, September 3) If you feel like being in a mountainous environment, don’t miss the Učka Fair. It is the largest fair in the Istria and Kvarner region, but in addition to the sales part, this fair also offers a cultural, entertainment, and educational program. Namely, the Učka Fair aims to promote the cultural and natural heritage of this region and support local producers on both sides of Učka. So, besides buying authentic products, you can listen to lectures, watch performances by cultural and artistic societies, attend plays, and enjoy concerts… Be sure not to miss this unique opportunity to get to know the rich and diverse culture of this region.

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