Events in Rijeka in November

Date 7. November 2023.

Although, like the rest of the Croatian coast, Rijeka thrives as a tourist destination during the summer, it is a city with a rich cultural heritage and a series of cultural events and activities that you can enjoy throughout the year. In this text, we will explore the events and activities worth visiting in Rijeka in November.

From November 3 to 11, Rijeka will host the 28th Puppet Theater Festival. Four locations — Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, HKD Sušak, Filodrammatica, and the Children’s House — will host performances and accompanying activities, featuring a total of 12 theaters, including seven from abroad. Palčica, Ronja – razbojnikova kći, Mesarica, Ezopov kolaž and Trnoružica – elektro bajka are just some of the show titles awaiting you at this unique festival. However, the performances are not the only part of the program. The festival also offers puppet-making workshops for children and parents, drama workshops for teenagers, as well as the presentation of a book on contemporary puppetry.
And lest it seems that Rijeka’s theater offerings in November are solely focused on puppetry, it’s worth mentioning the regular theater program. Notably, the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc stands out as always. From their program, we highlight: the ballet Sad i nikad više, created in cooperation with the Varaždin HNK; the drama Majka i dijete, performed by guests from the Istrian National Theatre/City Theatre Pula; and the youngest audience will be delighted by the premiere of Božićna priča on November 28, which, with the help of spirits from past, present, and future Christmases, imparts a lesson on how selfishness leads to loneliness.
The Croatian Cultural Center in Sušak, on the other hand, will host a Belgrade play “Bilo jednom na Brijunima,” inspired by the visit of Hollywood actors to Tito and Jovanka Broz at Brijuni.
From the film offerings, we highlight the Czech Film Week, which takes place from November 2 to 5 at Art-Kino. The event is held in cooperation with the Czech Embassy, and visitors will have the opportunity to watch four recent works by acclaimed Czech filmmakers.

The Rijeka City Museum offers free curatorial tours of the Sugar Palace every first Sunday of the month (in addition to the regular museum admission). This month, it’s on November 5, and visitors can choose one of two tour times—10 am or 12 pm—and are required to announce their arrival and reserve a spot. With expert guidance, visitors can explore the permanent exhibition dedicated to Rijeka’s history and the “Unknown Klimt — Love, Death, Ecstasy” exhibition.

Fans of contemporary art will find their interest piqued at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which showcases the multimedia artist Zoran Pavelić’s “Stimulating Mechanisms” exhibition throughout November.

From the classical music concerts, we highlight the educational concert project of the Rijeka Croatian National Theater, which, through guided and interactive listening, aims to introduce children and young people to the world of classical music. In November, under the title “Beethoven za 5,” the program presents Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony in various time slots.

Adult audiences might be interested in the Evening of lieder at the Croatian National Theater on November 16, where soprano Maida Hundeling will perform the most famous Lieder by Wagner and Strauss.

In November, the Nordic walking program continues as part of the Rijeka Outdoor Weekend project, encouraging Rijeka’s residents and visitors to spend time in nature on weekends. On November 4, Nordic walkers will explore Dva riječka brda trail, on November 19, Staza bunkera, and on November 25, the Brdo sv. Križ trail. Participation in these activities is free.

These are just some of the many events you can visit in Rijeka in November. When planning your activities during your visit to Rijeka, don’t forget to plan your accommodation as well – find it on the Molo Longo agency’s website.


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