Appliances every apartment should have

Date 8. June 2021.

Imagine that your holiday has finally arrived, you walked into your apartment, and realised that not only does it not look as on the photos, but you literally can’t make a cup of coffee there.

Of course, dedicated renters will never allow this. To make sure that you don’t miss any essential household appliances, we bring you a list of basic appliances that are a must, but also those that will add a note of glamour to your apartment and surely increase the number of positive reviews. ?


Nobody wants to think about washing dishes when they are on holiday. Make sure that your guests don’t have to waste precious hours of their holiday on scrubbing plates and equip your kitchen with a dishwasher. Dishwashers are available in wider and narrower versions, so they can fit even smaller apartments.



Investing in a quality coffee machine will definitely worth it. We are not talking about a plain filter coffee, but about a proper espresso machine. It is easy to maintain and it truly contributes to the overall impression – imagine the number of happy guests that will share the photos of top quality coffee they’ve drank on your balcony.



Although the importance of an air conditioning unit is well known today, there are still apartments that rely on “natural” ventilation, i.e. draft. ? However, if you wish to make your apartment an oasis of peace and comfort, particularly for when the guests return from a day under the hot sun, it is imperative that you build in an air conditioning unit. Like the coffee machine, it is not complicated or expensive to maintain. Having one will also ensure that the potential guests don’t cross you out just because they are afraid they will be too hot in the apartment.


4 TV

No, don’t bring your grandma’s only television to the apartment. A simple, modern TV no longer costs too much, and apart from providing entertainment to your guests, it can also contribute to the overall aesthetic appearance of your apartment.. To make sure that your foreign guests are not limited to 3 local TV programmes, we recommend that you subscribe to one of the on-demand video reproduction platforms, which often offer subtitles in various languages.


5 Wi-Fi

It is the year 2021 and people are living both online and offline. No matter how much we take pride in our culture and tradition, don’t make your guests feel like they’ve travelled 30 years in the past when they step foot into your apartment. Set up a quality router and put the Wi-Fi password in a visible place, so your guests wouldn’t have to call you just because of that.


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